– Ooo, no. Not there.

– Hurt?

– Try turning it to the left.

– Okey dokey. How’m I doing?

– Ah. Much better.

– Here’s something new.

– Oh! Stop that.

– Stop what? This? Or this?

– Oh, goodness. You keep that up and I won’t want you to stop.

– That’s the idea.

– You think this was your idea?

– Of course. It’s always on my mind.

– Like Georgia.

– Who?

– Never mind. Oh, stop that. You’ll make me giggle.

– I like it when you giggle. You jiggle when you giggle. In all the right places, I might add.

– Hmm. I think I’ll just be very still.

– And make me do all the work?

– This was your idea. Why should I do any of the work?

– Because you like to see how I react?

– As long as you react by giving me presents.

– You want presents now?

– If you don’t get back to work, you’ll have to give me presents before you start to work.

– Oh, yeah?

– Oomph. Oh my! I can’t breathe.

– I want you breathless. Maybe you’ll stop talking.

– You want to do all the talking?

– Nope. No talking from anybody.

– Have at it.

– Okey dokey. Yumm!

2 comments on “Talking

  1. Cappy Love Hanson says:

    Cooking class, you say? Delicious and salacious!

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