The surgeon looked at the nurse and said, “I am not the idiot she says I am.”

This time she didn’t try to soothe his ego. She just looked away and sighed, while he went off to his private lair, whistling.

That night at home, she typed the day’s adventure into her computer.

“Today he was confronted with his stupidity, by one of his victims, no less.

“She’d hired him to take a suspicious-looking and probably dangerous large spot off her left leg. Only he cut a smaller, not dangerous spot off her right leg. When confronted with his error, he offered no apology. Rather, he demanded to know, if she knew it was the wrong leg, why she hadn’t stopped him?

“She screamed something about being unconscious at the time and stomped out. Then she yelled at the bookkeeper that the doctor better not send her a bill.”

When the nurse finished typing and printing the tale, she felt much calmer. And added the page to a great, fat 3-ring binder on her shelf.

2 comments on “Surgeon

  1. JoySue Ruterman says:

    This has a nice twist to it at the end. It also angered me, because of their negligence, inattention to what they were doing, or whatever, two doctors darn near killed me. They got away with it, because the Lawyer said I couldn’t prove their bungeling was on purpose. So I forgave them, and try to forget.

    • Debrah says:

      This little piece was based on a true story. The victim is one of my sister’s best friends. Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry this sort of thing happened to you. There’s way too much of it.

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