Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, May 30, 2012

Boy, spend a day “out of the office,” even for business, and look what piles up in the reader list! OK, then. No whining–two days’ worth of goodies, instead.

  • Every not-yet-published author wants to know What Does a Publishing Contract Cover? Happily for us, Rachelle Gardner (@RachelleGardner) provides the answer, including 25 typical items and, interesting to note, the nearly half of that list (11) she finds herself negotiating on most often. (Note: this is strictly about traditional-publishing contracts, NOT self-publishing ones.)
  • We’ve all faced this situation: someone asks us to do something and we don’t think (or know!) we can’t, and yet we have a hard time saying no. Michael Hyatt (@michaelhyatt) offers a technique for How To Say No When You Feel Pressured to Say Yes.
  • I’m not always a fan of “Top X” lists. “Top 47,386 Ways to…”? Not goin’ there. But DIY MFA (@DIYMFA) has a 12-entry Top 10 Website Picks list that’s worth a look, given the range of topics the sites cover: writing prompts to writing processes to agent blogs to querying. I’m pleased to note that some of the blogs I review here are on that list. Then, in a second (next day) post, Gabriela adds her Top 10 Twitter Feed picks.

That’s all for Monday and Tuesday. What have you found on writers’ blogs that was great?