Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, July 16, 2012

A couple different takes on writing-related topics, dealing with rejection, and a thought-provoking movie are on the agenda today.

  • Amy K. Sorrells (@amysorrells) combines carpentry and writing in Everything I needed to know about writing I learned from my Dad’s level on WordServe Water Cooler. Amy uses her first do-it-yourself home improvement job as the structure around which she builds a set of writing lessons. While she doesn’t use “measure twice, cut once” in so many words, the concept is in there: it’s called editing.
  • Jan O’Hara (@jan_ohara) takes a medical perspective in Diagnosis: Storyteller on Writer Unboxed. Her lessons about writing are built around her son’s recent hospital stay and how, among other things, his doctors responded to his injury and their judgments about the way his parents were behaving.
  • Rachelle Gardner (@RachelleGardner) discusses how even experienced, many-times-published authors sometimes have to go Back to the Drawing Board. There are reasons why even these authors sometimes get rejected, and Rachelle’s seen them and how these authors respond.
  • Speaking of responses, multi-award-winning SF writer Nancy Kress, whom I’ve featured too rarely here, recently went to see Woody Allen’s To Rome, with Love and found herself Happy at the Movies. Not just happy, but provoked to thought about whether any of us would choose to be famous if we knew how we were going to be treated because of our fame, especially if we’d done nothing in particular to earn it. Hmmm. Would you?

And that’s it for today.