Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, June 6, 2012

Not a blog entry yet, but I’m sure there’ll be many: RIP Ray Bradbury, who died yesterday at age 91. When people ask me who my favorite writer is, “Ray Bradbury” is, and will remain, my answer. The highest praise I could ever hope to get as a writer would be, “Your work reminds me of Bradbury.”

On to the blogs, now, with a heavy heart.

  • I missed this Guest Post by Jude Hardin on Joe Konrath’s (@jakonrath) A Newsbie’s Guide to Publishing. No need to go into the reasons why. Hardin’s just made the decision to try to make his living by writing full time. That’s a big decision and not right for everyone, as both he and Konrath discuss.
  • Two posts on characterization:
    • Donald Maass (@DonMaass) suggests in The Good Seed III on Writer Unboxed that we turn our story’s problems into characters. Shazam! Instant showing-not-telling, at least as soon as the characters start acting.
    • Kim Weiland (@KMWeiland) returns to a topic she’d covered before: Signs Your Story Has Too Many Characters. Oops! But there must be some synchronicity at work here because her piece presents a useful counterpoint (or amplification, or both) to Maass’ piece.
  • I’ll close with a happier reference to a recently-deceased author. On 101 Books, Robert Bruce (@robertbruce76) relates the story of Maurice Sendak On His Greatest Compliment. Which was: “He saw it, he loved it, he ate it.” Really??? Go read this quick little post, and smile.