Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, August 12, 2012

It’s all about the craft, today. Two crafts, actually. The craft of writing and the craft of designing covers.

  • We’ll start off with Kim Weiland (@KMWeiland) discussing 6 Ways to Pull Off Dual Timelines in Your Novel on WORDplay. Having two separate but related timelines running at the same time in a story–as Kim says, essentially having two separate stories running along in parallel within the same novel–isn’t easy to do, so her tips should be useful to anyone thinking of trying it.
  • James Scott Bell (@jamesscottbell) provides a quick but excellent tutorial on How to Write a Novella on The Kill Zone. If you’ve ever tried to write a novella, want to, or are considering doing so, this is a keeper.
  • Finally, today’s the day for Joel Friedlander’s (@JFbookman) monthly e-Book Cover Design Awards post. Joel did something a little different this time, giving the judging honors to Tamara Weaver and her colleagues. WARNING: over 130 fiction and non-fiction covers were submitted and all are presented in this post, some with comments, so it’ll take some time if you want to go through the whole thing. Still, I find it interesting to see what people are doing with covers; especially since I’ll be facing the need to have a cover designed “soon.”