Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, June 16, 2012

Another Saturday, another “uh-oh, isn’t there anything out there…anything?

  • The Yuvi Zalkow (@yuvizalkow) came along with his attempt on Writer Unboxed to get  Beyond Microsoft Word…Or Not.  His conclusion, which I share, is that it doesn’t matter which word processing program you use, it’s what you write that counts.
  • I don’t normally post inspirational pieces here–I’m not into that sort of thing–but to keep Yuvi company, here’s Nichole Bernier’s (@nicholebernier) How Rejection Can Lead to Hope from the Guide to Literary Agents blog.

And just because, a picture of tonight’s sunset. It’s been horribly dry here but today we got rain, and after the rain, this:

Arizona June sunset

What’s great in your world, blog or not?