Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, June 1, 2012

Cool stuff, if not always great, from the writers’ blogs today:

  • Don’t be distracted by the title of Joe Konrath’s post today, JA Konrath vs. Stephen King. What’s interesting isn’t his discussion on whether King was “right” to not publish his latest as an e-book but the animated e-book covers Konrath introduces for his own work. Is this the wave of the future? What do you think?
  • Nina Amir (@NinaAmir) discusses How to Test Marketing Your Book Ideas with a Blog on The Book Designer. Good stuff for a non-fiction book (like my “Critique Technique” posts, maybe?), although it would take some stretch-thinking to expand this idea to fiction (like my novel-in-progress, say 🙂 ).
  • Jane Friedman (@JaneFriedman) has taken to writing what I call meta-posts: posts that contain links to previous ones so she doesn’t have to repeat content. Not a bad idea at all. Today’s post, Facebook Strategy for Authors: In-Depth Discussion does that and also links to a Q&A she did with Sarah Bartlett, Jane Friedman: Authors on Facebook. The interview is fairly long but also practical and worth the look (and it reminds me I need to make some changes in how I’m using Facebook).
  • Sarah Callender describes a method for becoming The Not-Quite-So Starving Artist on Writer Unboxed: apply for grants! This is another long-but-practical post and as someone who occasionally  reviews grant applications, I can tell you grantees WANT to give away the money they have, so why not apply?

What did you find that’s great today?