Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, July 1, 2012

Four pieces for your Sunday, with two fitting into a category twice, and one by itself. Say what? Rather than confuse the issue any more, let’s just get right to it.

First category: quality writing.

Second category: definitions.

  • First entry: Harvey Stanbrough’s (@hstanbrough) Definitions, in which he provides his own tongue-in-cheek definitions of various terms, a la Ambrose Bierce (author of The Devil’s Dictionary) and Johnny Hart (original creator of the comic strip B.C.). If you find any of Harvey’s definitions not to your liking, I’ll refer you, as I’m sure he would, to this one: “opinion, n. Offered as it is from a single, biased point of view and a single set of experiences, a meaningless group of words, except to the speaker.” Which, of course, is also self-referential. 😉

But wait, you say, weren’t there second entries in these categories? Why, yes there is. One that fits both:

  • Kim Weiland’s (@KMWeiland) Why Do Bad Books Get Published? on WORDplay, in which she opines that the definition of great, or at least, successful fiction is (a) in the eye of the beholder and (b) a judgment made differently by ordinary readers than by writers. And I’d add, (c) differently again by writers of different kinds of works, particularly “literary” versus “genre,” which of course is a distinction without a difference since “literary” fiction is a kind (genre) of fiction.

Which leads us, finally, to your very own chance to create your very own great, or good, or in any case your very own flash fiction as part of Writer Unboxed’s 7 Sizzling Sunday’s of Summer Flash Fiction CONTEST, which starts today. But you’d better hurry: the 72-hour clock for getting that first 250 word super-short story submitted is already ticking. Each week’s top 3 submissions will move on to the finals, from which the top-top 3 stories will be selected and be awarded prizes. But the reward is in the doing, isn’t it? Sure it is.

So, okay, quit reading and start writing!