Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, August 19, 2012

Busier–and funnier–Sunday than I expected. And the major feature of today’s post is “professionalism.” Ooh, that sounds boring, doesn’t it? Worry not! One of the funny posts is on that very topic. Who knew? Off we go, then.

  • One post on craft today, Kim Weiland’s (@KMWeiland) Add Muscle to Your Fiction with Unity and Contrast. [Cute baby picture alert!] Kim’s point that you can use either unity (similarity) or contrast or both to strengthen your writing, fair warning, her example is a bit strained. And I’m not sure what the cute baby picture is there for, other than he’s (?) doing a muscle-man pose–strengthen, get it? Anyway, give it a look.
  • On to the articles on professionalism now. The first one is from author and coach Jurgen Wolff (@jurgenwolff) on Writer Unboxed, titled Writers, Let’s Not Wear a “Kick Me” Sign on Our Backs. That statement has to do with writers being overly modest or just flat lacking in confidence about their abilities and the behaviors that can lead to, both on the part of the writers and on the parts of of some agents and publishers. To be clear, Wolff is NOT advocating overconfidence or clueless behavior, either. For some examples of those, we can go on to…
  • Catherine Ryan Howard (@cathryanhoward), of Catherine, Caffeinated, offers “a practical lesson” on How to Get Your Book Reviewed. Seems she’s been book-blogging for a while and only recently did she finally get an e-mailed request to review a book that she said yes to. Why that message worked when so many others have failed is the core of this funny yet serious post.
  • And finally, Harvey Stanbrough (@hstanbrough) asks Are You in the Mood to Write? and centers the whole question of the connection between mood and writing around Shakespeare’s Sonnet 144. And this is funny? Oh, you bet it is. It’ll leave you in a good mood, maybe even in a mood to write something.

Especially with Monday right around the corner. Oops, buzz kill. Sorry. 😉


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