Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, August 10, 2012

Must be Friday–we’re easing into the weekend already with a light day on the blogosphere.

  • We’ll start with Part 2 of Cheryl Craigie’s (@manageablelife) “How to Journal” series on Write to Done, 6 Tips to Boost Creativity and Polish Your Writing. Now, to be honest, I’m not a fan of either journaling or writing exercises, but several members of the Cochise Writers Group swear by writing “morning pages” (Cheryl’s first tip, from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way), so recognizing that we’re all different, I’ve included this post for your consideration.
  • Laura Pepper Wu (@LauraPepWu) describes How Plugins Can Take Your Author Website from Okay to Outstanding on Joel Friedlander’s (@JFbookman) The Book Designer blog. Just to be clear, the “plugins” Laura’s referring to aren’t those house perfuming things you plug into electrical outlets, they’re little packages of software that add capabilities to your blog that didn’t come with the basic package or theme. One more note, here: these plugins are strictly for blogs–that is, blogs NOT hosted on but which use WordPress software and design themes. I wouldn’t be surprised if Blogger and the other blogging sites have similar capabilities, so even if you’re not a WordPress-using blogger, I’ll bet you could come up with ideas for capabilities to look for from your host.
  • And finally, let’s step to somewhere near the end of the writing process, at least for a given book: reviews. James H. Pence (@JamesHPence) announces, I Read All My Reviews! Want to Know Why? on WordsServe Water Cooler. He puts his reviewers into three classes–gushy, acidic, and thoughtful–and learns (or tries to learn) something from each. The acidic reviews keep his ego in check, the gushy ones provide salve for the acid burns, and the thoughtful ones provide critique that make his writing better. His approach might not be easy to follow, but it’s a good one.

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