Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, August 9, 2012

Pretty much an all-business day today. We’ll start with one post on craft, then, to coin a cliché, get down to business.

  • Gabriela Pereira’s (@DIYMFA) final post from her experiences at ThrillerFest, talks about how to Get Creative on Demand. The thing to remember from this post isn’t the specific technique–playing certain music, lighting a scented candle, or some other thing that she mentions–it’s the general concept: do something consistently that gets you into your writing mode.
  • Matt Richtel’s (@mrichtel) piece on The Kill Zone, What Killed the Thriller Writer: Your Attention Span is an interesting follow-up to Monday’s post by Clare Langley-Hawthorne on the pressure to sell short fiction on the web in addition to full length novels. To be clear, the title is a little misleading. Richtel and several of the commenters find value in this kind of publishing while still acknowledging the challenges and additional pressures to produce it puts on writers.
  • Victoria Strauss (@victoriastrauss) provides a sanity-check on Writer Beware today with her Ebooks Outsell Print! Putting Headlines in Context. Now, the news media or industry spokespeople (what an awkward word) would never hype or mis-report statistics, would they? Would they? Hmmm, maybe they would.
  • Finally, Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s (@kriswrites) strongly-worded Business Rusch post, The Agent Clause (Deal Breakers 2012) makes my “caution-light” come on for two reasons: (1) I’m cautious about any opinionated post, but (2) I’ve had to read other (not writing-related) contracts before and am very aware of how even a single word can make for serious trouble of one party or the other, especially when one party isn’t aware of the potential negative consequences. So, with that thought in mind, plus the knowledge that many of us writers don’t think like business people, to say nothing of lawyers, Kris’s post got flagged as a “favorite” (something I rarely do) so I’ll be able to refer back to it when the time comes for me to be reviewing agent and publishing contracts myself. Caveat auctor: writer, beware.

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