Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, August 7, 2012

I would call today a “light” day except three of the four posts deal with the darkness of rejection. And yet, each agent or author finds a spark of light at the end of the submission tunnel. And we’ll finish with something just for fun. OK, if you’re still with me, off we go to rejection-land.

  • We’ll begin with agent Kristin Nelson describing not only how she made it through 68 Queries in 60 Minutes on her Pub Rants blog, but what caused her to issue 58 rejections and 10 requests for more pages. In one hour. Much worth noting here.
  • Keith Cronin (@KeithCronin) picks up the story from there, discussing The Rejection Reaction(s) we have after getting one Kristin’s, or any other agent’s, “no.” Keith goes through our phases of reaction, with doses of humor at each step, and finishes with a terrific quote from Michael Jordan on how many times he’s failed and why/how those failures motivated him to be the superstar basketball player he was.
  • Porter Anderson’s (@Porter_Anderson) long EXTRA ETHER: Are You a Good Writer? on Jane Friedman’s (@JaneFriedman) blog addresses what being a “good writer” means, which of course includes failing and being rejected.
  • WHEW! That’s enough of that! Let’s close with something that’s funny now and may be funny later. Kathryn Lilley (@kathrynelilley) names her personal muse and those of a couple of famous writers (F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway), and starts to draw some lessons from what she observes on Finding the Right Muse. She closes by asking readers to send in pictures of their personal muses, to be published on The Kill Zone on Friday. That should be interesting. Might even be funny. Or it might be a lot of cat pictures. Stay tuned.


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