Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, July 30, 2012

A light Monday follows a light Sunday–and nothing on craft today, either! Let’s begin with the most interesting piece:

  • Lisa Cron (@lisacron) asks on Writer Unboxed Why Are We Wired For Story? Her answers are fascinating. First, because we need to understand the world around us. “Story” helps us do that. But how? What is it about “story” that draws out interest so? It’s not, Cron says, great writing (take that, all you literary types! :)) or even emotion, but urgency: the need to know what’s going to happen next. Feeding that curiosity gives us doses of dopamine, the pleasure chemical in our brains, and keeps us pushing forward. Why? So we can learn better how to survive, whether that’s physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, or however. So “story” is a way of gaining knowledge. My personal addition is this: maybe you’ve heard the saying, “Knowledge is learning from experience. Wisdom is learning from someone else’s experience.” How do we use story, then? To gain wisdom.
  • Guest blogger Shawn Smucker (@shawnsmucker) offers 5 Tips for Making a Living as a Writer on Rachelle Gardner’s (@RachelleGardner) blog. I particularly liked #2: “Lean before you leap.”
  • And last, and mostly for fun, Clare Langley-Hawthorne ponders Fan Fiction on The Kill Zone, specifically why people write it and how she or other writers would feel if a fan wanted to write something based on the world and characters the original author had created. Hmmm. How would you feel?

That’s all for today.


6 comments on “Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, July 30, 2012

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