Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, July 29, 2012

Ahhh, a lazy Sunday. Just a few posts on craft for you today.

  • Let’s start with some writing mechanics stuff: Harvey Stanbrough’s (@hstanbrough) Hyphens, Em Dashes, and Ellipses–Oh, My! on Writing the World. Clear and logical advice on when, how, and why to use each of these punctuation marks, plus the intermediate-length en dash.
  • Over on The Kill Zone, James Scott Bell (@jamesscottbell) asks “Is ‘Show, Don’t Tell’ Overrated?” His answer is “no,” with illustrations why. In my mind, “show, don’t tell” is like every other sound-bite: a core of useful information that is incomplete because so much is left unsaid. “Show, don’t tell” isn’t a rule, or shouldn’t be considered one. It’s the beginning of a conversation about craft and technique. Anyone who only parrots the sound-bite fails to understand what lies beneath it.
  • And finally for today, Kim Weiland (@KMWeiland) discusses 5 Reasons to Write Your Scenes in Order (and 3 Not to) over on WORDplay. Kim readily admits she’s an outliner (I am too, sort of) rather than a pantser, which explains perhaps why she has more reasons for writing scenes in order than against, but as she notes, the “right” technique is the one that works best for you and for the story you’re working on at the moment.

That’s it. Have a great Sunday.

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