Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, July 7, 2012

Happy Saturday, everyone. A classic Arizona monsoon thunderstorm just dumped almost half an inch of rain in about 20 minutes here. Woo-hoo! We’ve been so dry, that’s very welcome–except that now it’s doing the same thing in the mountains where we had a major forest fire last year. That means flash flooding. Definitely a good news/bad news situation.

But hey, I’m not supposed to start with weather, am I? NO! So let’s get to the blogs.

  • First up is C.G. Blake (@CGBlake1) on Writer Unboxed, offering Strategies for Overcoming Writer’s Block. Suggestion #1: look for cause and effect relationships in actions and events in the story. Missing any? There’s something for you to work on. Pop on over to the article for the rest of his suggestions.
  • Cause and effect are intimately related to a character’s intentions, but Barbara Scott (@BarbaraScott01) puts her focus on the author in her Top 5 Self-Editing Tips: Intention on WordServe Water Cooler. Key point: “Once you finish your first or second draft, ask yourself, ‘Did I fulfill my overall intention for writing this piece, and did I achieve my intention in each scene or section?’” Whoa. Big-time question. But do you have the answer?
  • Joe Hartlaub’s Like Sugar on a Sidewalk on The Kill Zone might hardly seem to fit the subject of intention, yet it does, and illustrates the power of social media in the process. The “intention” in this case was his young daughter’s desire to get a closer look at the members of the boy-band One Dimension before one of their concerts. With a little help from daddy, she happened to find the group’s hotel just as their tour buses were pulling up. A couple or three or 27 tweets later, well, can you spell “screaming teenage girl flash mob?” Okay, so we writers don’t get that kind of attention–mostly. But Joe’s post goes on to illustrate other kinds of social media outreach and success. While Joe’s right to write, “Your results may vary,” it’s a lesson we ought not to ignore. (And thanks to all of you who are tweeting me, retweeting these posts, and making other connections. It’s working!)

Have a great weekend. If you’re living anywhere from the high plains to the east coast, may you get some rain or at least relief from the heat soon.


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