Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, June 21, 2012

It’s Thursday, so that must mean there’s really useful stuff out on the blogosphere today…doesn’t it? YES!

  • Let’s start with a case of synchronicity and look at two blogs that both address where to publish e-books. While there’s a fair amount of overlap between them, there are also differences, so it’s worth your time to read through both (and bookmark/favorite-ize them [is that a word?]).
  • Janice Hardy (@Janice_Hardy) “takes over” The Bookshelf Muse to write about narrative prose that accidentally consists of lists, and what you can do to spot and fix that when it happens. This is a topic I haven’t seen covered before.
  • And finally, 17 year old (yes, really) Anthony Wijaya (@AnthonyNotStark) offers his Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers on @ProBlogger. (In case you’re wondering, they’re SEO for Chrome, Evernote Web Clipper, Google Dictionary, Ruul screen ruler, and G.lux.) I’m writing this post using Chrome, so this caught my eye. But I also use Mozilla Firefox, so I wonder if these “top 5” have counterparts over there. Have to go look. Does anyone out there know?

Happy Thursday, everyone.


2 comments on “Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, June 21, 2012

  1. Novel Girl says:

    Once again, awesomeee links. I tweet these basically every time 😀

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