Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, June 18, 2012

It’s Monday, so let’s get the work week off to a good, or even great, start with…

  • Now let’s race ahead to that point where you’re ready–or think you are–to have your critique group take a look at your work. But maybe your group isn’t all that helpful. Or maybe there are some ego issues. Jan O’Hara (@jan_ohara) offers CORBS: 5 Little Letters That Can Keep the Drama on the Page and Out of Your Critique Group on Writer Unboxed. Not only is this great stuff all by itself, but it also lets me get in a plug for my Critique Technique series right here on this very blog (and which I’m behind on–sorry!–next post coming soon, I promise) because it fits perfectly with the S of CORBS: “specific.” Jan also offers six resources for finding online critique groups. And don’t forget your local library, community college, or university as potential places to find in-person groups.
  • And for one more step along the writing journey, we travel via Robert Lee Brewer’s (@robertleebrewer) My Name Is Not Bob blog to Chuck Wendig’s (@ChuckWendig) terribleminds blog and his Ode To The Editor, in which he waxes creative about what editors do for–not to, for–writers and even offers writers and editors a chance to list good ones they (the writers) have worked with or shamelessly plug their own services, to which I’ll add the Editorial Freelancers Association.

There. That’s an excellent set of Monday starters. Want to add something great? Or even good? That’s what the comments section below is for.


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