Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, June 15, 2012

Oh, let’s start with a really good one…

  • John Gilstrap (@JohnGilstrap) recounts on The Kill Zone the Pixar Story Rules — 22 “story basics” to guide you as you come up with the idea, draft, and edit a story. By the way, be sure to read the comments, too, including Jim Bell’s (@jamesscottbell) five “favorite reminders.”
  • Writer’s Digest magazine used to have a quarterly column of warnings about things writers shouldn’t do, like misuse trademarks in their writing. (For some reason, they seemed to get really stuck on Velcro.) (Sorry.) (NOT!) Anyway, Brad Frazer’s (@bfrazjd) article on Jane Friedman’s (@JaneFriedman) blog,  Trademark Is Not a Verb: Guidelines From a Trademark Lawyer, is both useful and reassuring, if also a little bit geeky. But only a little.

…aaand then we’re done. Must be Friday.


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