Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, June 10, 2012

For a few minutes I was concerned this was going to be the day–it WILL come eventually–when nothing on my Google Reader list made me even say to myself, “hmmm, pretty good.” But not to worry, today isn’t that day. Off we go, then…

  • Let’s start with Anne Greenwood Brown’s (@AnneGBrown) post on Writer Unboxed about Hard Work and Getting Lucky. (No, not that kind of “getting lucky.” What are you thinking? The publishing kind.) Anyway, Anne’s point is that hard work creates its own luck, and perhaps neither by itself is sufficient.
  • Harvey Stanbrough’s (@hstanbrough) The Myth of the Short Attention Span might not seem to carry the theme at first, but his point is that the hard (or smart, or both) work done to write well makes the idea of readers having a short attention span, well, a myth.
  • Finally, and back in a way to the hard work side of the equation, Tor Constantino (@TorCon) offers 3 Quick Tips to Get Your Next Post Out on Time on @ProBlogger. Sure, this is a post about blogging, but we all have faced or will face the need to get something done by a certain date. Tor’s suggestions won’t work for everyone (like improving your ability to focus by making yourself work surrounded by noise), but give them a look. You never know: it might be your luck that one of these ideas was just the thing you were looking for.

Did you find anything great, or even good, out there today? If so, please share it.



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