Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, June 8 & 9, 2012

Coming to you today from beautiful Prescott (pronounced “press-kit,” NOT “pres-scot”), Arizona, two (click) two (click) two days in one! (How many of you remember where THAT came from?) Yeah? You’re showing your age! 🙂

  • All the way from South Africa comes Elizabeth Joss’s (@elizabethjoss) How to Use Metaphors to Engage and Encourage Readers on ProBlogger. While the post is targeted to (this will be a shock, I’m sure) bloggers, it’s a great piece of “Metaphor 101” for all writers.
  • Robin LaFever’s (RLLaFevers) A Call to Arms on Writer Unboxed could well be retitled “A Recall to Sanity.” Her point is simply that, when it comes to all the new ways we have to publish and communicate with our current and potential readers, the “right” way for each of us is the way that makes sens to each of us, no matter what the shouters and pulpit-thumpers for this, that, or the other way of doing things, no not doing things, might be. What a radical idea!
  • I’m sure I’ve seen the title Rhino Skin before, but James Scott Bell’s (@jamesscottbell) post of the same name on The Kill Zone, about dealing with rejection provides necessary tonic (without the gin, sadly) for pressing on no matter what those ignorant bastards have to say about your work.  And this post provides a nice segue into…
  • The final post for today, the quote from T. E. Lawrence which comprises all of Michael Hyatt”s (@michaelhyatt) blog post Dreams and Dangerous Men. Methinks Lawrence was thinking of writers, no matter the gender.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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