Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, June 2, 2012

Sooo…let’s see what’s great out there today.

  • DIY MFA (@DIYMFA) is having a Blog Party Bonanza this weekend (it’s already underway) and we’re all invited. Becca and Gabriela want to create, in their words, the “Best. Resource List. Ever.” and they’re asking for our help. Wait! I thought this was going to be a PARTY, not, like, work??? But seriously, it’s a terrific idea, and the “silent movie” video promo is good for lots of chuckles.
  • I haven’t mentioned this in a while, so for my new readers (welcome and thank you!), here’s a great set of resources: the character trait, emotion, setting, weather and earthly phenomena, symbolism, and colors/textures/shapes thesauri on The Bookshelf Muse.
  • Finally for today, Andrew Goldstein (@bookieson) writes on Writer Unboxed about micro-publishing: using a traditional, but very small, publishing house. Of course, small publishers have been around for a long time, often as specialty houses. Goldstein discusses such houses as an alternative to both the big houses and self-/indie publishing. No emotion, no ranting, just observation. I appreciate that.

Having been burned recently by the offer of a free webinar on building blog traffic that turned out to be mostly a marketing hard-sell, I’ll note that I’m tracking a set of free (again) videos on self-publishing. If I decide they’re worth your time, I’ll say so. (First impression hasn’t been entirely positive.) For now, it’s worth remembering that your time has as much value as your cash–don’t waste either one.


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