Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, May 24, 2012

I was starting the post in a bad mood after having spent 80+ minutes on a webinar (which I won’t identify) that delivered 30 minutes of value. Good thing it didn’t cost any money, but that loss of 50 minutes of my life I’ll never get back stinks. Then I read:

  • Jordan Dane’s (@jordandane) First Page Critique: Shopping Can Be Deadly (& Fun) on The Kill Zone and my mood improved. The author’s submission is fun, even if flawed, and Jordan’s comments are on point. Now I can go back to those posts I passed on. Maybe there was something great there, after all.
  • Nathan Bransford (@nathanbransford) provides a little sanity in what has become too much of a flame war when he writes Traditional vs. Self-publishing is a False Dichotomy. I know this yet-to-be-published novelist appreciates having the option of self-publishing, which I didn’t when I started my novel-writing adventure. Options are good things.

That’s it? Maybe that webinar set my greatness filter to too high a setting. There were a few posts that just missed the cut. Well, better luck tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, and Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be attending a writers’ conference the next three days, with 90 minute drives to and from (hmmm, money value of time???), so these posts may be light or non-existent until Monday. Hope you don’t mind.

Meanwhile, did you find anything great in the writers’ blogs today?


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