Great Stuff on the Writers’ Blogs, May 19, 2012

Really good, even great:

  • Already got a work in progress? Not sure if you’ve got a story? Quickie suggestion on DIY MFA (@DIYMFA): Extract an Outline from what you have. Suddenly you can see the forest, rather than the tree bark.
  • For those of you who’ve maybe been wondering what an agent does all day, Greg Johnson, founder of WordServe Literary Agency, gives an insight into his days in Agent Expectations and Priorities, Part 1.  Don’t get too wrapped up in the numbers: each agency is going to be a little different. Look at the tasks.
  • Hey! Wait! Angela’s (@AngelaAckerman) and Becca’s (@beccapuglisi) Random Acts of Kindness week at The Bookshelf Muse isn’t over yet! Day 6 (will there be a Day 7???) features two more copies of Scrivener (again, 1 for PC, 1 for Mac) and “a slot in Kristen Lamb’s (@KristenLambTX) Blogging Class.” (The only reason I put the phrase in quotes is because I can’t confirm that it’s on-line. I presume it is, but you know what happens when you…
  • Wow, good thing I hit the refresh link on Google Reader before the Publish button. Otherwise, James Scott Bell’s (@jamesscottbell) 5 Things Every Author Needs to Understand About Self-Publishing on The Kill Zone would have had to wait until tomorrow. All five points are good, but #1 (You are going into business), #3 (This isn’t get rich quick) and #5 (It is first, and always, about the book) are key.
  • And finally: Hooray, it’s time for Yuvi Zalkow’s (@yuvizalkow) monthly “I’m a Failed Writer” video post on Writer Unboxed: Networking for the Cowardly and Terrified. Now, fair warning, for those of you who haven’t encountered Yuvi before, his humor is a bit neurotic and, um, what’s the word I want here? Wry. That’s it: wry. And maybe a little twisted. That’s probably why I like it so much. But I’m not including the post here just because I like his humor, but because he’s also got a good point–an encouraging, stress-relieving (I hope) point–about this whole social networking thing. “What is it?” you ask. Go watch the video. (You knew I was going to say that, didn’t you? :))

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