Great Stuff on the Writers Blogs, May 17, 2012

Today’s great stuff:

  • We’ll start with one I missed yesterday. Victoria Strauss’s (@victoriastrauss) Editing Clauses in Publishing Contracts: How to Protect Yourself is a very long piece on Writer Beware (R) Blogs but well worth your time. There are some really nasty traps out there every writer needs to be aware of, and beware of.
  • OK OK OK, I get it! Porter Anderson’s (@Porter_Anderson) post on Rachelle Gardner’s (@RachelleGardner) blog tells me, Get a Grip on Twitter Handles, and by George, I’d better. Including breaking down and getting a personal one for myself at long last. Half a mo’…there: @Ross_B_Lampert. But seriously, there’s lots of practical advice for when and how to include Twitter handles in posts, and more.
  •  I’d never thought about Joel Friedlander’s (@JFbookman) question on The Book Designer, Are You Trying to Create an “Impossible” Book? before, mainly because I’m not focusing my efforts on self-publishing–not yet, anyway–but his warnings about ways to make a self-pubbed book impossible to produce or sell at a profit are worth learning about.
  • Today is Day 4 of Angela’s (@AngelaAckerman) and Becca’s (@beccapublisi)  Random Acts of Kindness for writers week, and today the give-aways are two copies of Scrivener (1 PC, 1 Mac) and a Professional Membership to the AutoCrit Editing Wizard. This sounds like a really cool tool (I’m going to sign up for the free version here as soon as I’m done with this post) and see if maybe today I can win one of these terrific prizes. How ’bout you?
  • Michael Hyatt’s (@MichaelHyatt) advice on The Fine Line Between Working Hard and Letting Go isn’t really new but every so often it’s just good to be reminded that sometimes, counter-intuitive as it seems, you need to just step back for a little while, especially when the pressure’s on or there’s more to do than there seems to be time to do it. Like, for me, right now. Thanks, Michael.
  • Danny Iny (@DannyIny) is, among other things, a power guest-blogger. On Write to Done he offers Three Keys to Spectacular Guest Posting Success, not to mention a free live training event next week. If you want to write guest posts and aren’t sure how to do it, or aren’t having any success at getting guest slots, check this post out.
  • For another take on guest blogging, including among other things whether SEO (search engine optimization) is important to guest posts, check out Bamidele Onibalusi’s article, How I Increased My Search Traffic by 200% in 6 Months on @ProBlogger. WARNING: this is a long and fairly technical article.


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