Great Stuff on the Writing Blogs, May 14, 2012

Here’s what’s excellent on the blogs about writing today:

  • Rachelle Gardner’s cautionary post, Keep Money in Its Place, is one many, if not all, new writers need to read, even if they won’t like the message at first. But she’s right: if your focus is on making money, where will the joy be in the act of creating?
  • Patty Kirk offers an interesting idea for Keeping the Ideas Coming on WordServe Water Cooler. She made me kind of mad, though, because she runs and I used to–until I “ran out of time” for it in my day. Grrr. 😉
  • No first-page critiques on The Kill Zone today, but Clare Langely-Hawthorne discusses Responding to Feedback/Criticism–how we do it versus (?) how we should.
  • How cool is this? Becca Puglisi and Angela Ackerman, the creators of  The Bookshelf Muse are celebrating the launch of their Emotion Thesaurus e-book today with a Random Act of Kindness give-away. Visit the site today and you’ll find a button for a free download of their PDF document, Emotion Amplifiers. Look in the right sidebar, just below the Heifer International logo. I’ve gotten mine! Thanks, ladies!
  • Speaking of resources, Jane Friedman is always a good source and today she posts her current Best E-Publishing Resources, with the caveat that the digital book world is changing by the second and what’s accurate today may not be tomorrow. Good stuff!
  • Mary Jaksch’s post today on Write to Done on The New Style of Writing for the Net has already had an impact–on this post! While the original first sentence was OK, it could have been better. Now it is. Same for the title: boring before, better now. If you write a non-fiction or product-related blog, this post could well be an eye-opener. Here’s a sample: “The purpose of the first sentence is to get you to read the second sentence. Nothing more, nothing less.” (From Joe Sugerman) Hmmm, that applies to fiction, too, doesn’t it? See? Great stuff!
  • Ellen Weeren tells us on Writer Unboxed, I’ve Got a Secret. Want o know what it is? It has to do with writing. Want to know more? Sorry, you’ll have to go read the post. 😉

OK, that’s it for today, except for one more lesson learned and now applied from the Write to Done post: what blogs do you read, that aren’t already on the Cochise Writers’ blogroll, that deserve attention here? List them in the Comments section below.

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