The tigers are sleepin’. Like pillows they jist lie there, lookin’ soft. I wanna sleep, too. I like the zoo, but we’ve been here for hours, walkin’ and walkin’. It’s hot and my legs are bored. I bet Mom and Dad won’t let me sleep with the tigers.

Uh, oh. I don’t see Mom and Dad. Don’t see Karen neither, but who wants to see a mean ole sister anyway. She thinks she’s so smart ‘cause she’s in the first grade and I’m jist in kinnergarden.

Oh. There’s Mom. I can see her skirt and legs. I catch up and tug her skirt. A strange lady jerks around and yanks her skirt outta my hand. I don’t know what to say. She doesn’t look mean, but she’s not Mom.

I think I’m lost. I see the goat place but I don’t have any more food to give the baby ones. They slobbered all over my hands anyway. I think I saw Dad go this way. He likes the monkeys and here’s some more. Big ones. Big as me. Lots a people are watchin’ ‘em. That biggest one hangs upside down looking at us like he’s Timmy our neighbor boy makin’ up somethin’ bad to do to us. Then the monkey pees in his mouth and people scream or laugh, and move away. I go with ‘em.

We all go to the snake house. Some are pretty, but I can’t play with ‘em. I like the bears better. ‘Specially the big white ones. They’re sleepin’, too, ‘cept for the one swimming in the little pond. I want to go swimming with the bears, but I don’t see how to get to the water.

I think I hear my name real loud from a box in the trees, but I don’t know what to do about it so I keep movin’.

Now my legs are really bored. I see the big monkeys again, so I go to the back of their pen and climb inside. I take off my clothes and swim in the monkeys’ little pond. Then Mom and Dad find me, climbin’ the trees, hangin’ upside down. People are screamin’ and pointin’ at me. Don’t know why. I haven’t even learned how to pee in my mouth yet.

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