Rainy Day Dithers

Sleep late. Read. Read of doing something other than sleep in bed. And is the bed big enough for two. Or three. And how to protect the mattress from the oil if there are four. And there was that time of falling off the bed when there were just two. And the rain-stiffened muscles. Got to move and stretch and slink the bones along the body pillow. Roll over. It’s still raining and almost too dark to read and turning on the light would fully awaken. Body pillow is hot against the back. Roll over. The pillow is cool between the knees and full and sensual and too soft to be human. In the book there were people, but in the mind, not clasped against chest and belly and thighs. A clap of thunder. Lightning and rolling thunder. Hard rain. Too dark to read. Back to sleep.

One comment on “Rainy Day Dithers

  1. Steve Smith says:

    Reminds me of all the times I wallow in premature-awakening self-pity in which my mind seems like sludge . . .

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