You Have a Face for Radio, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about one of my two experiences on the microphone side of radio. Both were related to writing. One was a reading hosting half a dozen Cochise County poets. (For a sparsely populated Arizona county, we have a high density of talent.) The other occurred because I got involved with the Cochise Community Creative Writing Celebration, first as a participant, then as the organizer for a pair of open mic readings.

When I received the invitation to promote the Celebration, I had two worries. One was dead air time. Hostess Chris Dowling and Bisbee poet Dick Bakken–both experienced and comfortable with radio–kept things flowing at a constant and relaxed pace.

My other concern was that I wouldn’t be prepared for Chris’s questions and would stutter and scramble for answers on the air. I called her and got a pleasant surprise: She wanted me to write the questions!

This was a new type of writing assignment for me, and I loved it. It gave me some control in an unaccustomed situation, assured me that I was prepared, and allowed me to be at ease in the studio.

I would encourage even the shyest writer to participate in radio if the chance comes your way. It’s fun. Your audience is anonymous and invisible. And, as a poster at the station said, “You have a face for radio.”

One comment on “You Have a Face for Radio, Part 2

  1. JoySue Ruterman says:

    I think thats great Cappy, we now have a radio personality.

    I have some great news too. Banner Printing Inc. printed My Grandfathers book for me. I took the prototype I had, to a family reunion last week end and eleven cousins signed up to buy a book from me and a cousin in Las Vegas e-mailed me just before I left for Pine Top. She wants to buy eleven books. that makes twenty two. I got a ISBN number, and I regestered it on line. So I am going to have Banner Print Fifty. Hope I can sell them all. I’ll need too, just to pay the printer.

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