Circular Musings of a Restricted-range Quadruped

Dang. Musta dozed off for a while. God, it’s hot, and dry. Could amble over to that water thing and have a drink or two. But I’d probably just get hottern I am so why bother. Could get under them trees off yonder but then I’d have to go twice as far to get back to the water thing so what’s the use. ‘sides I’d just get hot and want to go get some water anyway, and what’s the use goin’ there and then comin back right away to get some water. Nahh, I’ll just stay here for a while, but getting pretty thirsty. Wonder how long fore that two-legged thing comes out an dumps some food in the trough. That’s worth movin for. Then I could get a drink and mosey on down to the shade. That’ll work.

Umm. Musta dozed off. Nothin seems to be doin’ aside from that little round black thing scurryin along by my hoof. Could be doin something. But what? What’s there to do. Can’t get out of this fenced-in place. Aint nothing happening besides that glarin yellow thing up there slidin across the blue. Takes all day to go from one side to the other, an for what. Starts at dark an ends at dark. What’s that all about. Nothin changes. Seems like I should be makin something happen instead of standin around doin nothin. But what could I do. Maybe if I could think of somethin. Then I could–Whoa! What was that I just came up with? Thinkin! That’s it. Thinkin. That’s makin things up. Up in that place between your ears. Yeah. I could think somethin up and then go off an do it. Yowzir. That’s somethin. I just had a think. And what I thinked was about . . . what was it, about doin something instead of just standin around in this heat. Yeah, that was it. All this heat. A guy could doze off just standing around on his feet waitin for a two-leg to dump something in that trough there. . . .

Dang. Musta dozed off. . . .

3 comments on “Circular Musings of a Restricted-range Quadruped

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  3. JoySue Ruterman says:

    I liked this, Steve makes you want to go give him a Drink..

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