My pappy tole me it was always about the money, but I didn’t believe him. Probably ’cause we never had much and there was always somethin’ good to do or leastways look at up in the hills that didn’t cost anythin’.

I didn’t even believe Pappy when I went to the city and started workin’ for money. There was a fella I worked with wanted me to do somethin’ I wasn’t sure was right. I asked and asked if it was right and he kept tellin’ me there’d be money in it. And didn’t I want money? Money had to be the big thing for him, ’cause if it was friendship he woulda least asked where I was from.

On the big day, I went with him to earn some extra money. He just wanted me to drive a truck. And there was a lotta money. Bags of it. And he put the bags behind the seat in the truck and left me in charge of them bags for a few minutes. So I drove the truck off to the hills, ran it over a cliff into some deep woods. I left one bag in the truck for the bears, and walked the rest over a couple of hills to home.

Pappy was right. It is about the money.

4 comments on “Money

  1. JoySue Ruterman says:

    I liked this joke, Debra . Joy Sue

  2. cappylove1211 says:

    Hee hee! I love your short humor!

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