Ye Olde Greene-Eyed Monster

Ross was kind enough to pass around the Writer’s Digest newsletter that included, as one of the seven sins for writers, denying your jealousy.  Not FEELING jealousy but DENYING it.


Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, says that jealousy can give us a map. If we’re jealous about someone else’s situation or accomplishments, it may suggest some useful directions for us to go–anything from fixing up the spare room as a studio to trying your hand at writing a crime novel to submitting your long-hoarded poems for publication.

The key here is recognizing the unfulfilled creative desire behind the jealousy and then acting on it.  This requires self-awareness and the courage to act, to try something new, to risk your dreams.

I would add that repressed jealousy–or any other feeling–probably isn’t good for us as people and as writers.


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